Positive Impact

is a choice

SIDI Backup is an initiative of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation Association, the no-profit soul of the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation.

By developing disruptive projects, collaborations, and dissemination activities, the project aims to create an aware and active community that positively impacts the world.

We believe that private and public organizations have the duty to live the path of individual benefits to pursuing a major purpose.

Focusing now

The SostenibiliTI project aims to offset the CO2 emissions produced in Ticino by planting trees where it is most useful.

It is a simple but extremely concrete and effective tool available to those who want to join our mission.

Since February 2020, Sidi has concentrated all its resources on providing innovative tools to combat the devastating impact of Coronavirus on the world. We immediately identified bad information as one of the biggest dangers of the Corona Virus. The coronavirus-central.org portal is an aggregator of verified information available to users with all the useful information to deal with this event.

Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo (Cardiopathic Children in the World) is an italian association which works to reduce mortality in children affected by congenital heart diseases. In order to do that, provides high quality treatments and heart surgeries all over the world, especially in poor and developing countries.

Coronavirus has shown how unprepared the world is to face possible pandemics. The threat of the possibility to face future biological weapons becomes terribly concrete. The CCGE reunites scientists, biologists, medical doctors, and common people to better understand this powerful yet disruptive technology.
The European Center for Space Exploration and Colonization aims to democratize the access to the space ecosystem, now driven almost exclusively by governmental organizations, academics and large industrial groups. Through research and development initiatives of cutting-edge technologies and training activities, we are working to build a structured supply chain in order to accelerate the integration process of small and medium enterprises in this new market with incredible potential.

Awareness Strategy

Our vision needs to be understood and adopted on a global scale. A massive
change can only be triggered by an increase in collective awareness.
From individuals to large organizations, everyone plays an essential role in this game.

Awareness is created sharing our activities via digital media and innovative platform,
using language understandable to all participants, depending on the type of initiative.