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to build a better future.

What is the SIDI Backup?

Today there are threats so powerful that could become a risk for our existence.

We have to anticipate future scenarios; we cannot be unprepared and divided again in the face of change.

Through the development of disruptive projects, collaborations, and dissemination activities, SIDI Backup aims to create an aware and active community able to pursue a major cause: turn threats into opportunities.

New values require
new commitments

In an ever-changing world, we are witnessing the emergence of a new scale of values. We have learned that the certainties on which the world is based can be easily undermined. It is time to live the path of individual benefits to pursuing a major purpose.

The idea of value it’s no longer related only to features, revenue, or profits.

Now it’s connected to something bigger.

The role of technology

The post-digital era will be characterized by the convergence of technologies. We are about to witness a holistic transformation of the way we interact with economic, social, and relational systems. If we want to govern this convergence to create a positive impact, synergy, and contamination between different sectors, backgrounds, approaches, and research styles are needed.

It's time to keep our promises

In recent decades, companies and governments have told the world about their commitment to build a better future. But not much has been done. The time has come to keep our promises.